“Brown’s well-crafted and period-persuasive biopic strikes a dramatically sound and emotionally satisfying balance between the moral awakening of its white protagonist and his relationships with sometimes encouraging, sometimes skeptical Black leaders and foot soldiers.”

“A powerful look at racism”


“Wonderful film”

—Rick Bentley (17 Entertainment Expert)

“Absolutely a movie worth seeing […]”

"Great film about the Civil Rights movement…"


"[…] this movie did install, like, a sense of hope in me!

—Joe Deckelmeier (Screen Rant)

“I think it’s a great trip through the history of civil rights in America.”

“[…] it's a hard-hitting, and often surprisingly humorous, look at this period of history.”

—Josh Wilding (Comicbook Movie)

"When I say it's a powerful film, I mean it's a POWERFUL FILM."

—Houston's Morning Show (Fox 26)

“The cast alone may make this movie worth adding to your to-watch-list”

"This is an honest and inspiring account of what it takes to do the right thing."

—Ellen Wanjiru (Black Film)

"Whether Son of the South works depends obsessively on Till, for sure, but there is a supporting ensemble behind and in front of the camera that is electric.” "[…] folks such as Julia Ormond (as real-life activist Virginia Durr) grab their time in the spotlight and command our attention every millisecond." "Also fantastic is Cedric the Entertainer as the Reverend Ralph Abernathy, a close personal friend of Martin Luther King, Jr, and a spectacular speaker. Lanier’s Parks is simultaneously approachable and seismic as she fills out the role grounded in a reality that is the tip of the awesome iceberg that is Barry Alexander Brown and his effort adapting Zellner’s autobiography."

—Joel Amos (The Movie Mensch)

Bayou Caviar - NY Times

Visiting New York, Seeking Vengeance Review: In ‘Bayou Caviar,’ the Main Course Is a Cold-Blooded

An essential movie for those who believe in the impact of true love, and for the more suspicious ones, a unique opportunity to see Bruce Dern and Brian Cox recommending pain meds to each other. [Full Review in Spanish]

María Caballero